Welcome to Amalfi

Certainly you will know all the fabulous Amalfi coast, that stretch of coast overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, halfway between the blue sky and the sea. On this stretch of sea there are several municipalities and today we speak of Amalfi declared world heritage by Unesco. This is the town that gives its name to the Amalfi, situated at the end of the Mill Valley. Amalfi was the first of four Italian maritime republics and for a long time had the monopoly of trade with the East.


Looks like a cluster of white houses, clinging to the rock and connected by covered alleys and stairways. Looks like a bunch of white houses, clinging to the rock and connected by staircases and narrow streets covered.A vertical landscape where cohabit the two defining features of coastal territory: the mountains and the sea. Another feature of this area is the succession of capes, bays and fjords, interspersed with small beaches and rockson which stand the Viceregal era towers (defensive first basement of the local population against Saracen attacks)._MG_3226



In Amalfi you can lose yourself among thescent of the sea and that of citrus blossoms and lemons, especially in spring/summer._MG_3342-Modifica-Modifica_MG_3255-Modifica

From the port, along one of the many lanes that rise you will arrive in the Centre of the main square, dominated by the Cathedral of Saint Andrew with the impressive staircase, the Arab-Norman style Bell Tower and the charming cloister of paradise.

From the cathedral square you will see the “Wrinkle Nova Mercatorum” also called Via dei Mercanti, is the main axis of Amalfi that bisects the city and from piazza Duomo to the Mill Valley.

If you look on Google Maps “Via dei mercanti” you won’t find it, because in fact this road merges multiple strokes with several names: start with via Lorenzo di Amalfi, then becomes via Cameron and then via delle cartiere. The initial part of the road, the most interesting is a collection of shops and bars, where you will find the symbols and traditions of Amalfi (you can also buy natural viagra 😁).


Needless to say, this stretch is flooded by the crowd, made up largely by the large amount of tourist that travels to Amalfi.

Continuing leads to typical fountain of Amalfi:”Cap ‘ e Ciuccio”.


Along the way, on the right, you will also find the ancient portico “Wrinkle Nova”. After the square of Holy Spirit, the road leads to the paper Museum and the area of the paper mills. From this point, on both sides, you will see narrow streets, stairways and passageways of the historic center of town leading to picturesque squares and old churches; to explore slowly.

Going up then you get to the mountains, whose crests were worked over the centuries, shaped by man to create arable tracts of land. From here you will arrive at the entrance of the Valley of the Ironworks, also known as Mill Valley, to which I will devote an entire article.

Go to Amalfi, trust me.
Good light to everyone.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Amalfi

    1. Direi che hai scelto una bellissima canzone, in piena sintonia con l’articolo.
      Ti ringrazio per il passaggio, e complimenti per il tuo blog, ricco e ben curato.
      A presto


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