Liebster Award – The Chronicles of Carlo

Yesterday turning on wordpress looking for interesting blogs to follow, I came across “Ilaria Fenato – Viaggio con la Fotografia“, a blog really full of beautiful articles, nice and detailed, where clearly transpires the author’s passion. The article that I had under my eyes was born to a nomination for the “Liebster Award”, a word of mouthto publicize new blogs. I read the questions and answers of Ilaria, and even if I had not been appointed, I decided to take part by answering the eleven questions of Ilaria because it seemed like an excellent opportunity to confront myself and answer questions that sometimes we consider inconvenient or complicated.

Now I report rules to follow and then we proceedliebster-award to questions of Ilaria.f

  • Publish the Liebster Award logo on your blog.
  • To thank the blogger who appointed you and follow it.
  • Respond to his 11 questions.
  • To appoint 11 other bloggers in your turn with less than 200 followers.
  • Formulate other new 11 questions for your appointed blogger.
  • Inform your blogger nomination. Here are the eleven questions:

1 – Your blog has become as you had imagined or is it something different?

Certainly not begin in the best way, but answer this first question for me is really hard, since we can say that my blog was born yesterday. Until yesterday, in fact, I was not quite clear how to structure my blog, what topics would treat, then I realized that what I wanted to do is just share with other fans, my travels enriched by my pictures and my stories. A diary to share.

2 – What are you reading at the moment? Are you enjoying?

Leaving the Jobs Act that I have to read to study, on the bedside table I have an interesting manual of night photography by Gabriel Biderman.

3 – The next trip will be where or where would it be?

The next trip is already planned, destination Venice, I promised it to my girlfriend.

4 – How much time requires to write an article?

Like the first question, also this one is quite tricky for me, I do not have a sufficient number of previous on which to rely. For the last item, “Welcome to Amalfi”, it took me about 2-3 hours between drafting article and post production photo.

5 – Your favorite historical period and why.

There are several historical periods interesting I think, if I had to choose I would say the second postwar period, the reconstruction of Italy and Europe must not have been easy, I would have loved to take part and be able to see the first fruits of the Constitution and the boom economic.

6 – Where would you find yourself in right now?

Is beginning to feel the summer and maybe this affects my choice, but I would like to be or Iceland to admire breathtaking views, or those returning from the Norwegian fjords.

7 – In your life you have had to sacrifice something important to follow a dream?

If you want to follow a dream I think it is necessary to sacrifice something, and I think this means to sacrifice the comfort and safety taking uncertainties and difficulties, to face new challenges that can bring personal satisfaction.

8 – a place in the world that has left you negatively surprised and why.

Florence; this is not to the city itself, even because Florence is beautiful and every time I look at the Cathedral, especially at night I am ecstatic. I’m here in Florence for four years and I’m from a small town called Viterbo, where people have mostly a closed-minded and I was hoping to find in Florence a more open environment. At first I thought I had found it and instead after a while I realized that people still need to grow.

9 – What kind of public transport you prefer to use when you travel?

The plane is spectacular, The journey on the road is fascinating, but the train journey is Magic. When Take the train and get off at the central station of a city can already savor that place, feel the first smells and see the daily life Of that city

10 – What do you do WHEN you have the unexpected free time?

This is a very difficult event to occur. Assuming that happens a situation like this, it would depend on the period but I think mainly dedicate me to the next subject to be photographed, a portrait, a still life or a scene to be captured.

11 – What are the flaws that would eliminate or at least reduce?

Insecurity. Sometimes for fear of not reach the desired result and to disappoint the expectations of someone, I  pull out and give up important occasions

compromising my future.

I do not have eleven bloggers to be appointed, because as I said before I started practically since yesterday and now, except Ilaria (from which I took inspiration), I follow only the “TARTARUGAINVIAGGIO”, and if she wants, she can answer to my 11 questions.

Here are my eleven Questions and invite anyone passing here, if they want, to answer them and then link me answers.

  1. Why did you start a blog?
  2. Where did the name of your blog?
  3. Write for yourself or for others?
  4. What is the last trip you made?
  5. Travel alone or with others?
  6. The best dish you have eaten while traveling?
  7. What location would you like to visit?
  8. Is there a place you’ve visited and where would you like come back?
  9. The ugliest and most beautiful experience during a trip?
  10. What you can not miss when you go traveling?
  11. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Good light to everyone.



7 thoughts on “Liebster Award – The Chronicles of Carlo

  1. Grazie per avermelo linkato e per aver risposto alle domande! Ottime risposte ed alla 9 avrei risposto anche io come te!! 😀 Visto che il blog è nuovo aspetto i tuoi prossimi articoli con curiosità! a Presto!
    ps: grazie per i complimenti!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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