Commonwealth Military Cemetery


The Cassino War Cemetery is a military cemetery in Cassino, in the province of Frosinone, where lie the soldiers of the Commonwealth countries, but also containing Canadian and Jewish victims, who fell in the battle of Monte Cassino during the Second World War.


There are 4,266 graves of soldiers from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Nepal and Pakistan and a Red Army soldier. 284 of these military have not been identified.


The Cemetery, the largest British military cemeteries in Italy, is located near the town of Cassino along the highway n. 6 Naples in a large grassy area with flower beds. There are dark green marble stems on which are inscribed the name of fallen 3968 “where the tide of war denied a recognized and honored grave”.


Each grave is marked by a marble slab engraved with the generality of the Fallen and the coat of arms of the department or command of belonging.


In many tombstones there is a commemorative sentence dictated by the family of the fallen.


Despite being in an urban scene once inside you enter this oasis of peace and serenity that only the cemeteries can give. Like many other military shrines one is struck by the expanse of graves that bear the names of young boys dead or even fallen never identified.


Neat, clean, well maintained, as deserve our soldiers. It is worth visiting, it feels a great sense of emotion to see how many there are tombstone. To think how many of these cemeteries are throughout Italy. Let us understand a little bit how many young boys died for our freedom.


The memorial looks like a manicured park that follows the style of all the cemeteries of the Commonwealth present in Italy. On the left side a small niche retains records of dedications and the names of all the dead.


Visits to cemeteries are never happy, but must be made, especially by the younger generation for whom war may seem an empty word, and instead here is materialized in all its horror.

As always visit these places with due respect.

Good light to everyone.



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