Italian Military Cemetery


The Italian War Memorial of Montelungo collects the bodies of fallen of 1943-1945 war of liberation, and is situated along the Via Casilina, a couple of kilometres from the town of Mignano Montelungo. The cemetery collects 974 of fallen from cemeteries of war scattered throughout Italy, 909 are known and unknown 65. Of the 79 soldiers who fell during the two battles of Montelungo, only 48 were buried in the shrine, others 31 buried in their countries of origin. It was opened in 1951 and follows the style  of the Shrine of Redipuglia.


After parking the car, before entering the shrine, stop by to look at the military museum, where there is a precise documentation of photographs, charts, and excerpts of orders to illustrate the participation of Italian soldiers in the war of liberation, alongside the Anglo-American allies. In special display cases is collected memorabilia, weapons and other official documents.


The surrounding green area, is crossed by paths furnished that allow visitors to reach pitches on which are exhibited specimens of armoured vehicles and artillery pieces, which are used by Italian and English in the war of liberation.


Still today, the 8 December there is the commemoration of the fallen of the battle of Monte Lungo. A few meters further up a large bronze statue of the Madonna Immacolata called precisely “Madonnina del Sagrario” seems to watch over and bless the fallen sleep.

_MG_3163-ModificaOnce you enter the Cemetery, you take a staircase flanked by the graves of the fallen, at the top of which is placed a chapel whose sides there are the niches of the dead of the battle of Monte Lungo.


At the Centre of the chapel lies a dark marble altar, surmounted by a fine white marble high relief carved by sculptor Canonica that shows a dying soldier in the vision of Christ the Redeemer. In the hemicycle of the top there is to the tomb of General Umberto UTILI, fervent animator of participation in the war of liberation, valiant and esteemed Commander of the group “Legnano”.


This was the fourth and final Military Cemetery I saw around Cassino, different styles but the same function: to remember those who gave their lives for our future. Visit these places enables us to understand how much suffering there was and what courage they showed these soldiers. So visit Military cemeteries and pay homage with respect.

_MG_3183Good light to everyone.



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