Mulinaccio of Scandicci


For those in the surrounding area of Florence and that has the time to do a little trip out of town, I suggest you to visit the “Mulinaccio of Scandicci”, one of the many charming and hidden places that normally the tour guides do not provide in their suggested routes.


In San Vincenzo a Torri, about 10 km from Scandicci, lies the ruins of an old water mill called “Il Mulinaccio”, a remarkable example of early industrial architecture nestled in the tangle of the forest. The events of this mill are interwoven with those of the Galli family, owner of the nearby Villa of Lami, who in 1634 ordered the construction of a dam along the ravine part of the vineyard, in order to create an artificial lake, to give life to a fish hatchery and hunting. In 1648 the construction of the dam followed the construction of the mill, operating since 1653, but according to the records kept in the Historical City of Scandicci, ceased to be active most likely in 1736. Today the ruins of this imposing structure still play the function of a bridge between the two ends of the valley.


The Mulinaccio has been virtually ignored by almost every tourist guide of the area and also find it is not exactly easy since it is covered by forest, is almost invisible from the outside; the people who live here, however, know it all, and in many there went often, especially children and teenagers.


Around this ancient artifact abandoned, nature has regained its space with discretion, wrapping up what remains of the building in its relentless and silent green embrace.


A little curiosity: it is said that a poor family had done of the Mulinaccio, now fallen into ruin, his home. The popular rumors claimed that the site was inhabited by ghosts (probably due to a tragic fact of chronicle happened in 1833, when in the lake, which was later drained, were drowned two brothers) and many reported seeing “white shadows”, that disappear in the mill area. One day he was asked the head of the family how he could live quietly in this place of terror and he promptly replied: “we hope that the ghosts there are many, because one evening I will have it in the pan“. The forest area was actually inhabited by a colony of albino rabbits!


To know more details about the history of this artifact or curiosity, you can see the signs in the area which also describe the technical operation of the old mill.


To reach the Mulinaccio, there are two routes: the first starts from the Villa Lami, on a dirt road leading to the Partingoli Farm; from here you proceed down a lane in the middle of the vines and you get to Mulinaccio (about 30 minutes). The second street on the other hand is located along the Via Empolese in the direction of Cerbaia, arrived in San Vincenzo a Torri turn left onto a dirt road (Via del Lago) and continue for about 1 km. After the Holiday Apartment Vico you take a lane to the left and after a descent of about 300 meters you arrive at the mill.

I would highly recommend if you have the opportunity to make a leap, because it is a very picturesque place that conveys many feelings.

Good light to everyone.



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