Naples, Via Posillipo, Marechiaro and love for Naples

Small premise.
There I thought on so much. is the day before yesterday that the article is ready to be published, but I preferred to wait because the disaster happened in central Italy. It seemed to me a lack of respect. Then today rereading the yet another updates on the situation and the causes of the earthquake, I decided to publish the article. I did what I could do, and unfortunately now we must just wait that relief efforts do their job and hope to save many people as possible. Stay here and do nothing it certainly does not help the victims, rather write and publish the article could help myself and others to get distracted and not thinking about disaster.
We make a prayer for the earthquake victims, and if you can help.
Enjoy the reading.

Here we are at the last part of the trip, the excursion of the Posillipo hill, through Via Posillipo. A road made of curves to admire villas tucked between the cliffs and the wonderful views of the Gulf of Naples.


Right at the beginning of Via Posillipo, you will notice a beautiful abandoned mansion, the famous Palazzo Donn’Anna. A beautiful building right on the sea which was never finished because, according to popular versions, a series of curses have marked the life of the building.


It all began with the Queen Giovanna d’Angiò, that had many loving relationships whit the fishermen in the area. After spending the nights of passion, she killed them by throwing them out of the window so as not to let out the secret of the palace. According to many, the souls of these unfortunate young men still roam in the basement of the old house. The girlfriends of these unfortunate young people cursed the Queen and the Palace, which passed from hand to hand until Donna Anna Carafa, wife of the Duke of Medina Coeli, that rased the old Palace and she built a new one. To celebrate the work, not yet complete, she organized a magnificent party, attended by the Spanish and Neapolitan nobility. At the party was set up, in the bottom of the hall, a theater for a show where the actors, according to French fashion in vogue at the time, they were all nobles. Among them it was also the beautiful young woman Mercedes de las Torres, the duchess’s nephew, who played the part of the slave, that was in love of his master, played by Gaetano di Casapesenna. The two recited with such passion that in the final scene of the kiss everyone applauded enthusiastically, all except Donna Anna, full by jealousy at seeing her lover and Mercedes kissing passionately. In the following days, the two women clashed violently and then suddenly Donna Mercedes disappeared mysteriously. Rumors spread that she had taken refuge in a convent after a sudden religious vocation, but the poor Gaetano sought her incessantly in Italy, France, Spain and Hungary, begged, pleaded and cried all the tears that had, until he died in battle. Jealousy of Donna Anna had poisoned her soul and she died full of hate. According to this legend, from time to time, appear in the palace the ghost of the cruel Donna Anna and the presence of two star-crossed lovers, Mercedes and Gaetano, who are desperate forever.


The Palace remained incomplete, and still today it stands proudly on the sea, creating a unique atmosphere.


Afterwards I continued with the bus until the end of Via Posillipo, coming on top of Capo Posillipo.


I have come so to Virgiliano Park, where there are a number of viewpoints from which you can admire the Gulf of Naples, that of Pozzuoli, Vesuvius, and the islands of Nisida, Capri, Ischia and Procida.


Left the park, I began the descent of Via Posillipo towards Marechiaro, a small suburb of Naples, famous for the Marechiaro window.


This window is a small opening with a sea view, but to make it special is the underlying plaque, on which is engraved part of the score and the verses of the famous Neapolitan song Marechiare. T


he work is a poem by the poet and writer Salvatore Di Giacomo, enriched by the music of composer Francesco Paolo Tosti. The song is about a man in love of a woman, that is behind the window and invites her to enjoy the fresh air and beauty of the place.


Today this window is certainly an important symbol, so much that on the windowsill there is always a fresh carnation just to witness the love and the beauty of the place.


Returned again on Via Posillipo, I started the descent and diverted to the sea to go see Villa Volpicelli, another beautiful building that characterize this neighborhood.


This villa has also been chosen to represent the Palazzo Palladini, apartment that are selected like set of the story of a famous Italian soap opera: “Un Posto al Sole”


Then  I’m back on Via Posillipo and I continued the descent on foot, stopping every so often to take some shots because the sun was setting.

Unfortunately I could not catch the best light because was late and I had to get pizza from my aunt.

Also this tour is over, I hope to be able to bring back the beauty and charm of these places.


Good light to everyone.



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