Tribute to Viterbo


Today I decided to talk a bit of the city in which I grew up, Viterbo, because this weekend the city will celebrate Santa Rosa, considered the patron saint of Viterbo and in the city will be a big party.


Viterbo is an ancient medieval city, which still has a beautiful historical center surrounded by walls, considered one of the finest and best preserved in Italy. Viterbo is also known as City of the Popes, because for almost 25 years was the papal seat, and is still present in fact, the Papal Palace, which together with the Loggia of the Popes, are one of the main attractions of the city.


In the same square, Piazza San Lorenzo, there is also the Cathedral of Viterbo (the Cathedral of St. Lawrence),another monument of great relevance.


As mentioned Viterbo is famous mostly for its historic center, and the neighborhood that best represents it is undoubtedly the District of San Pellegrino.


A set of alleys, arches, profferli that lead to the entrance of the houses and small churches.

I walked the streets a thousand times, because this neighborhood is the center of night life, but every time is like going back in time, experience more vivid when holding ludika 1243 (a medieval festival that recreates the atmosphere of those years with numerous cultural and leisure activities). Another great event that involves the old town of Viterbo is Flourishing San Pellegrino, appointment during which streets and squares are covered by flowers, making the atmosphere of the place even more charming.


Another feature of the old town of Viterbo are the numerous fountains that fill Viterbo, all beautiful and different.


No doubt the point of greatest interest is the historic center of Viterbo, but are also important its exceptional thermal resources, which attract many tourists all year.

As anticipated at the beginning of the post, these days the city will celebrate Santa Rosa. In addition to the historical parade and the fair, the main element of the festival is the transportation of the Machine of Santa Rosa (UNESCO intangible heritage), an illuminated tower with on the top Santa Rosa, that on the evening of September 3 is transported from one hundred porters for the small streets of Viterbo up to the Holy shrine. A unique experience that leaves you breathless and that the citizens of Viterbo living with great emotion. Because of various commitments this year I will not be there, but I’ll try not to miss next year, also because it is an excellent opportunity to get some good shots.


This was a quick overview of Viterbo, the city where I spent over twenty years in which I have collected many memories, good and bad, but mostly beautiful. As you can see Viterbo is an interesting city, so as soon as I get home I will devote myself to do a little tour to describe and photograph the history and beauty of Viterbo.

Hooray Santa Rosa

Good light to everyone.



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