Since I was a boy I had an interest in abandoned buildings.


They exercised a great fascination for me. Mainly for the fact that, thanks to the fervid imagination typical of the boys, I could imagine any story around these buildings. When I passed near these complex, I created fantastic stories, usually with horror plots (just to pick up the adrenaline), and I imagined myself in there, to explore these terrible palaces, running away from monsters and ghosts.


At Viterbo, the city where I grew up, there is a beautiful seventeenth-century villa (Villa Brannetti), near the city walls, for many years in a state of neglect and decay. Together with friends, many times we have challenged the legends that revolved around the Villa. It speaks of people hanged inside the Villa, who had been unable to go in the afterlife, so their souls tormented turned at night between the rooms of the Villa. Clearly we never found these ghosts, but I still remember the strong terrors and fear that made the adrenaline throughout the body while touring in the moonlight in the dark rooms of the Villa Brannetti. But I also remember how beautiful the Villa, the green garden around it, huge and elegant rooms with decorative ceilings, the present magnificent fireplace in the main living room, and the beautiful view of which you could enjoy coming to the mansion’s roof. This is the point. Often we can see the majestic palaces, historic homes, which unfortunately, as Villa Brannetti, are abandoned and victims of vandalism.


The passion for photography, which led me to look for historical buildings to be photographed, has approached me to these buildings. Often, in fact, I see pictures of beautiful villas that turns out to be closed or abandoned, and reading about these sites I discovered the existence of Urbex and Urbexer.


Urbex is short for urban exploration and urbexer are those who venture into structures built by man abandoned or in ruins. The aim that pursue the urbexer is to photograph and document the status of these buildings.


They have nothing in common with those vandals who like to destroy these complexes. Despite this the urbex includes a number of hazards such as possible violations of laws (often in fact these buildings are private property and trespassing in these structures in most countries is punished with sanctions), real physical danger due to deterioration structures and sometimes problems with squatters who identify in these buildings their home.


Since I saw that many people love these buildings, I decided to show the trips I will do and the first that I will show you it will be tomorrow.


I leave you with the motto of urbexer: “Leave only footprints; take only emotions “.

Good light to everyone.



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