Ponte Sodo

SMALL PREMISE: If you have already resd this post I apologize to you, but I had to write it again beacuse I saw that this post had never been published whit photos.

Today I decided to talk about one of my adventurous hike, during which I went to visit the “Ponte Sodo” whit my dad.


This is a long tunnel of about 70 meters excavated in the tuff by the Etruscans and dates back from around the fifth century b.c. The tunnel was built to allow the outflow of the torrent “Valchetta” (also called “Cremera”) during the river flood. The “Ponte Sodo” is located in the “Veio Park” and is part of the archaeological area “Isola Farnese” (province of Rome).


You can cross the tunnel , but you’ll have to bring fishing boots, because the water is quite high, especially in the winter and rainy periods (in those periods the water gets a darker and yellowish color). Look my dad almost submerged by water.


I assure you, that this is a interesting experience, because inside every sound is amplifiedand, and the noise of the river current “Valchetta” become a drammatic and enveloping eco. Walking across the “Ponte Sodo” you can see the cavities produced from above to remove the water, places to a height of approximately five metres from the bed of the stream.


As you can see from the photos the environment is really impressive because it is completely surrounded by nature.


We can say without a doubt this work is an example of the great Etruscan engineering, also because the Etruscans were very adept at digging the Tuff, helped also by the ease of processing of this rock. In this area you can admire many works, also known as Via Cave”, trails carved into the hills of tufa (for several reasons) and soon I’ll tell you also of these in another post.
If you are intending to visit this fascinating place are possible different routes within easy reach due to the proximity to the town. To get more accurate information you can do a quick search on the Internet or if you prefer you can contact me without any problems.

Good light to everyone.



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