First Day in New York

For a series of moving and commitments, I didn’t have much time to write and update the blog. Fortunally, in these days the situation has calmed down, I fixed almost all the photos that I had amassed and I found a bit of time to make a new post. So today I’ll start to tell you my trip in New York.

I gonna tell you about how an Italian sees “the big apple” and the tour that I made so if you want, you can get ideas for your travel in New York. We landed in New York in the evening of Saturday, October 1, so once arrived in the hotel, that was in Brooklyn, we went to bed, because it was almost midnight and we needed to dispose of jet lag. The next morning, the first thing that I did was go up on the roof to admire the landscape. Unfortunally the day was dark and gray, but the skyline of Manhattan partially hidden by the fog gave anyway a beautiful picture. Made some photos, I got off, had breakfast (I’ll make an entire post on the food of New York because it’s awesome), and with my family we took the metro to enter in the heart of New York, Midtown.

We got out in the 6th Ave to make a walk around the Rockfeller Center. As soon as I got out from the metro station, I looked up to the skyscrapers that climbed high in the sky. Actually I discovered, with my holiday in New York, that those buildings weren’t so high if compared with others like Empire State Building, Freedom Tower, etc. Walking on the 6th Ave we saw the Radio City Music Hall.

Also known as “The Showplace of the Nation”, this building is used for concerts and events. It was designed by Donald Deskey in 1932 and its interior is considered one of the most important examples of Art Deco in the world.

From there, we made a little stop to take some cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, then we turned to get the MoMa, Museum of Modern Art.

This museum had much importance for the development of modern art and often it’s considered the main modern fruit of the world. Exceeded the MoMa, we crossed Park Ave to get to St. Bartholomew’s Church, commonly called St. Bart’s, is a historic Episcopal parish founded in January 1835.

Visited the church, we got out and we made a small deviation to see the Central Synagogue. It was built in 1872 in the Moorish Revival style as a copy of Budapest’s Dohány Street Synagogue.

The building was designed by Henry Fernbach. Unfortunately we couldn’t enter in the synagogue because it was closed, so we went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, walking under the Trump Tower.

The Cathedral was builded between 1853 and 1878 in neogothic style according the project of the Architecht James Renwick Jr, following the examples of the European Gothic Cathedrals. The St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the main Catholic place of worship of New York, and we listened the Sunday mass among the benches of the Cathedral.

The Church is very beautiful and it deserved an accurate visit; pay attention at the rich and decorate ceiling.

Once out of the Cathedral, while we went towards the Grand Central Station, we saw the 79th annual Pulaski Day Parade, that celebrated Polish-American Youth in Honor Of World Youth Day in Krakow.

Walking the 5th Ave we arrived at the Gran Central Station, that is the biggest station in the world for numbers of piers and tracks (I saw track 117).

The station is very beautiful, with many decorations, even on the ceiling. Plus, it’s a good place for lunch time, in fact we stopped there to eat at the famous Shake Shack. Completed the meal, we got out and we went under the Chrysler Building, an Art Deco-style skyscraper.

At 1,046 feet (319 m), the structure was the world’s tallest building for 11 months before it was surpassed by the Empire State Building in 1931. The Chrysler Building is a classic example of Art Deco architecture and considered by many contemporary architects to be one of the finest buildings in New York City. It’s possible enter in the hall of the building, and it deserves a visit to see a bit of Art Deco. At this point, we went towards the East River to get the Headquarter of United Nations.

The ground where it’s located the complex , it doesn’t belong to USA, because  it enjoys the right of extraterritoriality. The most famouse building of the complex is the “Glass Palace”, that hosts the United Nations Secretariat. The Glass Palace, high 154 meters, was builded between 1949 and 1950 on design of the Architecht Oscar Niemeyer.

From there, we came back walking the 42th street, and after a stop to get a coffee at Starbucks, we arrived at the New York Public Library with the intent to visit the interior.

Unfortunately it was closing time, so we decided to make a relaxed walk towards the Madison Square Garden (also known like “The Garden”), that is a stadium located in new York city.

This arena is famous mostly to be the home stadium of basket team of New York Knicks and hockey team of New York Rangers. The structure hosts also many activities that attracts great audience like: Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, the draft NBA; convection of the biggest American parties; events WWE; music concerts; etc.

Since it was almost suppertime, we decided to move and find a restaurant to eat in one of the most famous place in the world: Times Square.

This spot, as you probably know, is one of the biggest cross of New York, at the intersection of Broadway and 7th Ave. This place is full of big and bright adversting boards. Unfortunately there were road works that didn’t allow a full pleasure of the place.

Since we had to celebrate the birthday of my sister’s husband, and since in every important city it’s a must, we went to Hard Rock Cafè. It was the first time that I ate in this place e I feel satisfied. Finished the dinner, we came back in hotel, even because our legs were really tired.

Here ends my first day in New York.

Good light to everyone.



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