First day in Brussels

As you known, about a month ago, I was in Brussels because I won the photograph contest Europe in My Region 2016. With this great opportunity, I have taken advantage of the free time to make a tour in the Belgian Capital, that I had never seen.

I left on Monday morning with my sister Camilla (that introduced me to the contest) e we arrived at the Brussels airport at 2 pm. From there through the train we got the central station where we ate a little snack (I tasted the bad pizza with pineapple). Taken the metro, we went to our hotel, then, put down the luggage , we moved toward the first attraction to visit.

Since we didn’t have much time before sun would went down, and since we would go in center more than once, we decided to go at the Atomium, that is located in the Heysel Park of Brussels. This is a monument made with steel, that represents nine atoms of a unit cell of a iron’s crystal. The atomium made during Expo 1958, then as often it happens, the structure remained for touristic interest. The atomium is 102 meters high, and it’s possible visit its interior, enjoying of a beautiful view on Brussels.

From there we moved into Laeken Park to see the monument to Leopold I, that is located in front of the main enter of Royal Palace. This monument is made in blazing neogothic style and is surmounted by a beautiful decorated spire. Even if it’s a monument not particularly big, it has a great charm also because it’s absorbed in the green of the Laeken Park.

As I said before, taking the main street, in front of the monument of Leopold I, there is the Castle of Laeken, that is the residence of the Royal Family. In fact, they don’t live in the Royal Palace of Brussels, used only for official ceremonies, but they prefer this Castle immersed in the green.

Continuing on the main street, we completed the visit to Laeken Park with two particular constructions.

I’m talking about Chinese Pavilion, that hosts an interest collection of chinaware and Chinese and Japanese objects of XVII-XVIII centuries, and the Japanese Tower, builded during universal exhibition of 1900.

Unfortunally, these buildings were closed for security reasons, so I couldn’t visit the interior and the beauty Japanese garden.

At this point the sun was almost faded, so we came back at the metro to get the historical center. We made a little tour among the streets of Brussels.

We passed close to principal attractions of the city without stopping us because it was late and also cause we would come back the next day. For this I’ll tell you in the following post.

To finish the first day, we tasted the delicious Belgian fries and a tasty beer. After of this we came back in hotel, so I could rest and prepare me for the next day, that it would be a challenging day with the photographic workshop and the awards ceremony.

Good light to everyone.



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