Second Day in NYC-part2

After a long and dramatic visit at the New World Trade Center, we moved toward the New York City Hall, the building that hosts the New York City Government. To see the New York City Hall you have to cross the nice City Hall Park, a garden with benches, trees, a beautiful fountain with water play and the squirrels.

The New York City Hall is the oldest city hall in the United States that still hosts its original government functions. The building was made in 1812 and is a National Historic Landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

From there we passed near the Brooklin Bridge and under the Manhattan Municipal Building, a palace built to accommodate increased governmental space demands after the 1898 consolidation of the city’s five boroughs. Built in 1914, was designed by William M. Kendal, is high 180 meters and is one the largest governmental buildings in the world. Like the New York City Hall, also this building is listed on the Naional Register of Historic Places.

This area of Manhattan is very beautiful, thanks to the buildings like the New York Surrogate’s Court, the United States district court and the New York County Supreme Court. Continuing with our tour we crossed Columbus Park and we entered in Chinatown.

Columbus Park is a public park that once was the most dangerous ghetto area of immigrant New York. Today this park is a gathering place for the local Chinese community, where the neighborhood meets up here to play mahjon, perform traditional Chinese music and practice tai chi. It seemed not to be in New York, but in a Chinese city with Chinese plays and music. Walking in Chinatown we saw numerous Chinese restaurants and shops, even markets outdoor of exotic fruits and vegetables.

At the north edge of Chinatown, starts Little Italy. As you can imagine, I had many expectations in this place (since I’m Italian). Unfortunately, Little Italy today it’s only a set of restaurant and souvernir shops that of Italian have only the name. See in this place that sell fake Sicilian cannolo it’s a really shame for our culture.

From Little Italy we went to Washington Square Park.

This is a public park located in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Lower Manhattan, where people meet and make various activities. Here I saw a crazy man white dyed that was going on skates without an apparent reason. This is the beauty of New York, you can do what you want and people don’t judge you. Main attractions of this spot, expect for the mad man, are the Washington Square Arch (a marble triumphal arch built in 1892, high 23 meters) and the central fountain where people relax themselves. But for me, the best thing of this place is the view in fact, from the center of the square you can see at south the Freedom Tower, and at north the Empire State Building.

Passed under the Washington Square Arch we walked toward Union Square.

This is a famous square of New York, and its name come from the intersection of two important streets like Broadway and the Bowery/4th Avenue and for the celebrating of Federal Union of the Unites States and labor unions. At the center of Union Square there is the first American equestrian sculpture cast in bronze, an impressive statue of George Washington created by Henry Kirke Brown in 1856. Also in this square, like Washington Square Park, there is a great flow of people that come here to dance, sing, play chess and have fun.

From Union Square we went to one of the attraction that most of all I wanted to see; clearly I’m talking about the Flatiron Building.

Originally called Fuller Building, this palace is a triangular block formed by Fifth Avenue, broadway and East 22nd street with the 23rd street that passes in front of the northen peak of the building. Il Flatiron building is one of the world’s most iconic skyscrapers and a quintessential symbol of New York. High 87 meters, the building was designed in 1902 by Chicago’s Daniel Burnham with Beaux-Arts style. The transition of the name from Fuller Building to Flatiron Building was made by citiziens New York because the shape of the skyscraper remembered them just a flatiron. Given the shape of the skyscraper and its peak that is large only two meters, since from the construction of the building, New Yorkers bet on how long the Flatiron Building would resist at the strong wind gusts that there are in that area. For them and our fortune the Flatiron Building resisted and continues to impress New Yorkers and tourists.

Left this wonderful building, we entered in the Chelsea neighborhood and we went up on the High Line.

This is a linear park 2,3 km long built on the disused southern portion of the West Side Line running to the Lower West Side of Manhattan. The West Side Line was built in 1930 the abandoned in 1980. So in 1999 an association, Friends of High Line, proposed a project of urban regeneration that starts in 2006 and was completed in 2015. I suggest you a walk on High Line so you can admire many views of streets and buildings of Manhattan. Plus if you’re lucky you can see various art installations; in fact I saw the Sleepawalker statue of Tony Matelli, a lifelike figure of a man in white briefs wandering in his sleep with outstretched arms.

This Sleepwalker is installaed on the High Line as part of the show “Wanderlust” (a group exhibition on High Line that runs from April 21, 2016 to March 2017).

Completed the walk on the High Line, since it was almost dinner time we went to looking for a meal so we entered in the Chelsea Market, but we didn’t find anything that attracted our appetites.

At the end we went in a Mexican restaurant and ate too much tapas and tortillas. Satisfied, we came back at the New World Trade Center to shoot some night photos at this beautiful center. Then we went to our hotel to sleep and prepare ourselves to the next day.

Good light to everyone



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