In the previous post I told you about the first two waterfalls of Montella: the waterfalls of the laundress and the waterfall of Maronella. Today I’ll tell you the other two waterfalls, the waterfall of fasces and the waterfall of Tufara, that are on the same trail. These two are part of the water sources of Terminio Mountain.

To get these waterfalls, we went at the bridge launch of the plug (located on the street that connect Montella to Acerno), where we stopped the car, then from there we started the trail. Here there is a water source where it can possible drink fresh water. I suggest you, before to start, to taste this delicious water. Once initiated the path, we walked for a quarter of an hour, then passed a bridge tight and high, we arrived at the waterfall of fasces.

Here the waterfall is high more than ten meters, the water makes a great jump and creates a large and deep pool. In the summer in fact, many people come here to take a bath and the teens dip in the pool. Like the waterfall of the laundress, to make particular and fascinating this waterfall, is the bridge of fascism. This zone was created in fact, during the fascism to direct the water of Folloni Plain, and feed the water entity of High Calore. To go down at the riverbed it wasn’t easy, we had to use a rope and cross the water (fortunately my dad suggested me to bring the boots, without those we couldn’t enter in the river). Even more difficult it was go up, also because we had camera, tripod and backpack.

From the bridge, following the trail, among red trees and strange mushrooms, we walked toward the waterfall of Tufara. After thirty minutes we arrived to another bridge, in an area where there were various natural pools, some of these wide even five/six meters. Theoretically, reading on internet, we believed that the waterfall of Tufara was there. So we turned to right looking for the waterfall, unfortunately without finding it. Whereby we came back at the bridge and turned to the opposite sense, taking a steep climb. We arrived a crossroads, the signboard was discolored and faded. So we had to trust of our instinct and we took the trail on the right.

After a while, we arrived at the aqueduct where the trail ends. So we had to come back at the previous crossroads, and took the other path. While we were walking, we saw a family that was making grilled meat. Without hesitating, we asked them if they were of the zone and luckily for us they knew where was the waterfall. Unfortunately, the waterfall of Tufara was in the area of natural pools, where we thought that were. Talking with this family, they alerted us that the trail of the waterfall was dangerous because was steep and the ground drifted. After thanked them, we came back until the second bridge.

We took the trail that the family suggested us to get, and with dramatic surprise, we notice that was the same path that we took the first time. We missed the waterfall because, from there you have to make a long trail absolutely not easy. The path was really dangerous, we risked many times to go down on the rocks. At the end of the trail we arrived finally at the waterfall of Tufara.

Sadly the waterway was tiny, so the waterfall wasn’t beautiful like we tought. From there we came back at the car and I can assure you that we were really tired (once at home I discovered that the trail that we had taken brings at the Billy Goat Cave, where there are numerous stalactites and stalagmites. Unfortunately we didn’t know it and we missed it).

At this point it was almost dark, but we decided to go anyway at the monumental complex of mountain.  This complex includes the monastic complex of Santa Maria della Neve and the castle of mountain.

The castle has Lombard origins and dates back at X century. In 1980 were made archeological excavations that have brought to light numerous finds of Lombard and medieval times. The castle in reality, is a product of three different periods: the original settlement (VI century), the Lombard construction (X century) and the medieval works (XV century). Today are visible the main body, the donjon, the walls and the ruins of the nobility rooms.

The monastery instead was builded in 1554 and was entrusted to minimum reformed convent of S.Francesco. At the heyday of the monastery there were twelve fathers and sixty brothers. The structure during the time was modified many times, and now has a square plan with a decorated cloister.

To visit this complex you have to contact the guardian, calling on his phone, that will bring you in the site. Yeah, I know, it isn’t the traditional way to visit an archeological site, but this is Italy. So, once arrived at the bottom of the complex, we called the guardian and even if was late, he came anyway to bring us to visit the site. Just opened the door of the complex, we have been welcomed by a little and nice jack russel, and a beautiful white horse. With the guardian we went in the castle and in the interior of the donjon.

The site is in a good state of preservation, even if is quite bare and there isn’t lighting (the guardian says is fault of the municipality that doesn’t pay the electric provider).

Then we visited the monastery (here there’s lighting), the kitchen, the bedrooms, the church (then transformed into a stable) and the original bathrooms (with stone toilet, that I never saw before).

Over the story of the site that the guardian told us, I’ve been fascinated by the personal anecdotes of the guardian. The site is property of the guardian (even if he told us that is opened a dispute between him and an association that claims the property. The guardian says that this association is a group of criminals), because it belonged to his parents, and before to his grandparents. So the guardian and his ten brothers were grew up in the site, living in the rooms of the monastery. Do you believe it? Imagine eleven kids that run among the walls of the castle and in the monastery. Awesome. It was a nice and interesting experience, that I recommend you. After said goodbye to the guardian and made a photo to the night landscape of Montella, we came back at home.

That’s all.

Good light to everyone.



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