This isn’t a travel, but I cared to tell and to show you the preparation of a dessert that I love, and that reminds me my fabulous childhood. I talk about the Struffoli, a traditional Christmassy dessert of Naples.

This wonderful dish is composed by numerous little balls wrapped in the honey, allocated in a plate and covered with candies and comfits. The dough is realized with flour, eggs, lard, sugar and the Strega liqueur.

The preparation of the struffoli is really simple, because once you mix the ingredients, you have to use your hands and play with the dough until you get a big ball.

At this point you take a piece of paste and shape it in a slim snake, then with a knife, you cut off little balls.

At the same time, you prepare a pan with fry oil and fry the balls. When are golden, remove the balls from the pan, and leave them to drain the oil.

At this point you take a big pot, pour the balls, turn on the flame and join the honey.

Mix hard with a ladle, then put the balls in a tray and fall over candies and comfits. Here Struffoli are ready.

In general we prepare the dish in the morning of Christmas’ Eve, and eat it at the dinner, and in the following days. Every year, me, my sisters and my cousins, since when we were kids, we participate at the preparation of this dessert and as you can imagine, the best part of this, is to form the snake and to cut off the balls.

It was like a play, really fun for us. It wasn’t a forcing, but a pleasure, a wonderful activity to make together. This Christmas however, I wanted that my aunt (the best in this field) would make the struffoli and I have captured the preparation with my camera. My goal was to try to tell the beautiful work behind this delicious dessert. It’ll be my memories, my emotions, but the final product for me it’s a magic, and the most important thing at the end is enjoy the struffoli with family and friends.

I hope you appreciate this story as you do with my travels, that will return soon in this site.

Merry Christmas to everyone.



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