Fourth Day in New York

After told you of our third day in New York (here you can read the first and the second part ), today I’ll tell you the following day.

Even that morning we woke up early and fortunately there was a clear sky that has allowed us to enjoy of a beautiful sunrise on the skyline of New York. From the roof of our hotel in Brooklyn, we had a complete view on the skyscrapers of New York, like the Crysler Building and the ONU palace.

Finished with the photos, we went down to have breakfast, as always a hearty breakfast with bagel, eggs, bacon and coffee; I miss so much New York.

Full of energy, we took the metro to reach ours first destination. Got off from the metro near the Manhattan Bridge, we made some steps and we were in DUMBO, one of the spots that most of all I wanted to see.

DUMBO is the short form of Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass and it refers at the space between the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge. DUMBO is famous because from here you have a wonderful view on Manhattan; if you want a postcard of New York you have to go in DUMBO.

After passing under the Manhattan Bridge, we went to the writing DUMBO (the person you see in the D is my younger sister, that has seen fit to stay there while I was taking the picture, holy patience), then we continued our walk, coasting the East River, up to the Brooklyn Bridge. As you can see from the photos, this place deserves a visit.

Even if the Manhattan Bridge is a nice work, the most famous bridge of New York is without a doubt the Brooklyn Bridge. This is the first bridge built in stainless steel, a hybrid cable-stayed/suspension bridge and for a long time was the largest suspension bridge in the world. Designed by John Augustus Roebling and completed in 1883, the bridge is 26 meters wide and 1825 meters long. The bridge is accessible for cars, with some restrictions, and it has also a wide pedestrian walkway open to walkers and cyclists.

As many people say, it’s recommended to cross walking the Brooklyn Bridge, and I can confirm it to you. It’s a beautiful experience; thanks to the beautiful view, you have feeling to enter bodily in Manhattan.

Plus, as you’re closer to Manhattan, the skyscrapers become bigger and bigger. While you’re walking, be careful to the cyclists, that run fast. The Brooklyn Bridge, as the name suggests, starts in Brooklyn and ends in Manhattan, close to the New York City Hall (of which I told you in the Second Day in New York ).

From there, we took again the metro to go to another “must-see”: the Empire State Building. One of the symbol of New York, as the Brooklyn Bridge, this is one of the most famous skyscrapers in the world.

Designed by Shreve, Lamb & Harmon in Art Deco style, the Empire State Building from 1931 to 1970 was the tallest building in the world with its 443 meters high, then surpassed by the old World trade Center. The construction of the building started in 1930 and was completed in 1931, and in 2000 the American Society of Civil Engineers has named this skyscraper as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

The Empire State Building is nice to see both outside (with it’s symmetry typical of the Art Deco) and inside (also here you can see the expression of the Art  Deco, with decorations made with marble, chromed metal medallions and aluminium finishes. As I think you know, the Empire State Building is famous for its features, but also because you have the possibility to climb up to its roof and enjoy of the stunning view from above on Manhattan.

With the elevator you can reach the 381 meters high of the roof and look the high buildings of New York in a different way. This possibility was a turning for the building in fact, the Empire State Building was constructed like office building. Due to the depression of that time, most of the offices, remained empties, so people started to called the palace Empty State Building. Just the opening of the observatory on the roof of the building, has made this skyscraper one the main touristic attractions, saving the management company.

With the city pass (a carnet of tickets which whom you have already the entry of various attractions, that we used for the Empire State Building, the Top of the Rock and the Circle Line) we climbed up to the roof of the skyscraper and we watched from above the island of Manhattan. You’ll see the East River and the the Hudson River, Brooklyn and jersey City, the Flatiron Building, the Crysler Building and all of the buildings and the streets that make New York a unique city. The experience was totally positive, both for the beautiful view and for the organization of the activity.

Once returned down in the streets of Manhattan, the buildings seemed so highs, our impressions were changed. To recover us, we had lunch, eating a giant pizza (also to taste the differences with the real pizza, that of Naples. I have to say that even if the American pizza isn’t as we expect it, it’s anyway a good food).

Here we interrupt our story and we’ll resume it the next time.

Good light to everyone



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