Dogs That Make Dogs

Today I won’t tell you about a trip or an excursion, but I’ll tell you what I did the last weekend.

Two of my friends are Dog Trainers (Fabrizio Maggio Dog Trainer), that is professionals whom offer training based on care and building the bond between the dog and its owner, to give at the dogs the opportunity and choice to achieve fantastic behaviors. They organize Puppy Class (meetings where participate puppies from two months to nine months and their owners, to learn at the puppies to socialize and at the owners to live in harmony with their dogs), Basic Education (to create a relationship with the dogs based on trust and understanding), Rally Obedience (to reinforce the relationship dog-owner) and Dog Sitting (when you have to leave, you can bring your dogs to them and they will take care of your pets, making them interact with other dogs).

Besides these services, often they organize also other activities, and this time they have planned an internship called “canichefannoicani” (dogs that make dogs), with the Association Dog’s Revolution. I have participated to make the photos of the event.

The association Dog’s Revolution has the goal to improve the relationship between man and dog, trough trust and respect, to express the potential, hidden or repressed, of the dogs. The members of this association manage what remains of the old “lager of Cerignola”. That expression refers to the kennel of Cerignola (in province of Foggia), became sadly famous because held almost 400 dogs in bad conditions. No sterilization, no health treatments, no health care; the dogs were sick and malnourished. Fortunately the lager has been closed, but there were many dogs whom had needed assistance. Dog’s Revolution now takes cares of some of these dogs, help them to stabilize and to give back at these animals a peaceful and decent life.

The internship was created just to show that with a positive relationship every dog can live peacefully, the secret is to learn to read the signals of the dog’s communication. It isn’t easy, but with time and patience it’ll be possible. Plus, Dog’s Revolution shows that the dogs whom were in kennels aren’t dogs useless, but with a good relationship, they can be a useful resource for the community, helping other dogs whom live in house.

The internship was of two days, in the first morning the guys of Dog’s Revolution told about their story and that of lager’s dogs, and how they have healed them. In the afternoon and in the following day, the members of Dog’s Revolution have evaluated the dogs that have participated at the internship, analyzed their behavior. For each dog, they made some hypothesis about the origins of the dogs’ problems and tried some activities to fix their problems. It could be a interaction with other dogs, a game with objects, a run or a game for the brain. Obviously the conclusions of these guys was based only on what they have seen in two days; often the dogs have different behaviors, but much of what they said was true and with their experience they can give some useful advices.

At the internship participated also my girlfriend with our dog Coco, and we tried to put into practice what we learned in these days. For now it seems to be very useful. Participate at this event was a great experience, because I could listen much interesting stuff, I saw how dogs that come from the kennels are normal and beautiful like the other dogs. Plus, I was surrounded by dogs that is always pleasant and fun. If you are interested to deepen the issue, I leave you the contacts of my friends Fabrizio Maggio Dog Trainer and that of Dog’s Revolution.

Good light to everyone and love your pets.




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