Waterfalls of Dardagna

It’s been a while since I have spoken about waterfalls, so in this post I want to talk of the Waterfalls of Dardagna, that I saw few weeks ago with Coco and my girlfriend Martina. Dardagna is a river that originates near the Corno alle Scale and Spigolino mountains (1945 msl the first one and 1827 msl the second), whence falls down with several great jumps. The flow of the river grows ever more because of water’s infiltration of the upper basin, and after a journey of 15 kilometers Dardagna ends in the Leo river and then in the Panaro river.

We are in the area of Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, between Pistoia and Bologna, more precisely in Lizzano Belvedere. To reach the waterfalls there is a well signed trail that departs from the Sanctuary of Madonna dell’Acero, inside the Regional Park of Corno alle Scale. The regional park is composed of beeches, maples and firs, and the sanctuary is surrounded by this beautiful vegetation. The church is so called because of an old print of Holy Virgin found on a big maple.

Close to the sanctuary there is a sign that indicates the start of the path for the waterfalls. The trail requires about 30-45 minutes, but is a pleasure walking in the woods. At half way, you’ll start to hear water sounds but they aren’t the crash of the main waterfall but that of an artificial waterfall. Passed this one, still few minutes and you arrive at Dardagna river and its waterfalls.

Soon your eyes will be caught by the main waterfall, with a jump of almost 30 meters. After have gave a good look at the waterfall, take a breath and enjoy the wonderful environment where you are. The waterfalls, the rocks, the trees and the sounds of woods making a stunning landscape.

Furthermore I was lucky because I found snow and ice. Even if it was late march, thanks to the high altitude, the temperature was low and gave a winter climate.

There is also a wooden bridge to cross the Dardagna and explore the other side. This is a real good place where to spend a day, enjoying the calm and the beauty of the woods.

Good light to everyone



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