Livorno’s Coast

The last week, because of an annoying backache, I stayed at home to rest but when it was Saturday I went out to make some photos. The weather wasn’t so good, since there was a cloudy sky and rough sea, so I decided to taking advantage of that and do a little trip along the Livorno’s coast.

If you don’t know it, I want to point up that the stretch of coast near Livorno is lovely, with long beaches, cliffs, little islands and coves. So the landscape is variegated and gives several interesting points for photographers and nature lovers.

The first spot visited was the “Castello del Boccale”, a manor overlooks sea. Originally the castle was a watchtower built for Medici’s will during XVI century. Then between XIX and XX century the tower was turned into a neo medieval residence and it was bought by the marquise Eleonara Ugolini, which gave it to the family Whitaker-Ingham. After many years of neglect, the castle was restored following the project of Architecht Ivano Falchini and today is partitioned into several apartments. Needless to say the castle overlooking sea making a beautiful view, even more fascinating thanks to the waves crashing on the rocks.

From the castle we moved to find an old pier often subject of many photos. I knew that it was close to Antignano, a small town near Livorno. Walking along the coast I saw the pier so with Coco and my girlfriend Martina, we tried few paths to reach the pier. Without much difficulty, we were able to went down and make some photos.

The bad thing of the cloudy sky is that the sunset seems turned off, with cold tones instead of warm colors. Until the end I hoped that the sun could sink among the clouds, unfortunately the sky remained dark and the sun covered. So I made some photos at the coast of Livorno, then I came back at home.

Good light to everyone



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